1. shavedpubes:

    great to see a hard cock in the locker room, a rare and beautiful sight

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  2. bonermakers:

    Road head does a driver good.

  3. redneck417:


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  4. randydave69:

    Thanks ‘caring dads’ ! Dave


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  5. randydave69:

    Night vision?

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  6. wrestlerswrestlingphotos:

    wrestler big bulge GLOBALFIGHT PROFILES

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  7. truedadsonlove:

    I don’t care where, I don’t care how, Dad I just need you inside of me.

  8. truedadsonlove:

    Topping Dad, it feels so right

  9. truedadsonlove:

    100% Father inside son

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  12. truedadsonlove:

    It’s OK if you are unsure at first, nature will take its course

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  13. diaryofacocksucker:

    Dickmatized, and about to get his throat thoroughly reamed out by Throatfucker9x6's fat tool.

  14. rickraunch:

    Once he knows who the man is, you can fuck him face to face, like a bitch. 

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  15. diaryofacocksucker:

    You had me at… sorry, did you say something?

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